ICCS Staff

Rubina Siddiq

Preschool Teacher

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 20 years experience educating Preschool kids of which 12 years Preschool/educator experience at ICCS
  • Child Development Site Supervisor Permit
  • Associate of Arts in Child Development, Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles, CA

I graduated from Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. After my marriage, I moved to California and enrolled in Los Angeles Community College, and I graduated with an Associate of Arts in Child Development. I have over 20 years of experience teaching preschool-aged students in a classroom setting. Alhamdulillah 12 of those years have been at ICCS. I enjoy being able to teach the children of my Muslim Community in Southern California. I am a strong supporter of Islamic School education because as an educator, I know that a student’s environment is an important part of their success. I encourage students to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, fine motor, and gross motor skills in my classroom. 

Novera Bux

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Novera is a dedicated educator with a master's degree in Education from the California State Polytechnic University of Pomona. Her deep passion for working with children and making a meaningful impact on their lives has driven her to earn a Master's in Education and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. With several years of teaching experience in diverse settings, Ms. Novera is well-equipped to nurture and guide her students.

As a teacher, Ms. Novera's mission is to enrich her students' knowledge and empower them to thrive and positively influence future generations. She is devoted to tailoring her instruction to meet the unique needs of each student and supporting them in achieving their personal life goals. Ms. Novera aspires to inspire her students to become successful Muslim leaders as they mature.

Ms. Novera is thrilled to be teaching pre-schoolers at ICC and eagerly anticipates a rewarding and fulfilling year ahead, inshaAllah.

Mariyah Salat

Preschool Teacher Aide

Mariyah Salat is an enthusiastic teacher's aide who is currently pursuing her degree from CalPoly Pomona. She is deeply passionate about teaching and has found her calling in assisting the growth and development of preschool children. Alongside her studies, Mariyah has been working part-time, collaborating effectively with Ms. Novera and Ms. Rubina. Witnessing the early stages of young children's learning journeys and being part of that foundational experience brings her immense joy. Mariyah's dedication and supportive role greatly enhance our educational environment, making her a cherished member of our school community.

Ghalia Altaklah

KG Homeroom Teacher

Gr.1 Arabic & Al Quran 

  • Over 14 years teaching experience

Ms. Altaklah is a seasoned educator with over 14 years of teaching experience across multiple schools and grades. She brings her passion for teaching and her depth of experience to the Kindergarten class at ICCC school, where she is thrilled to be teaching this school year. 

As a mother of three children, Ms. Altaklah understands the significance of early education and the importance of fostering a love for learning. She applies this insight to her classroom, where she infuses her lessons with creativity and passion, making learning an engaging and exciting experience for her young students.

Outside the classroom, Ms. Altaklah enjoys spending quality time with her three children, partaking in a wide range of nurturing activities and instilling in them the same passion for learning that she has.

Zohra Mefti

Gr.1 Homeroom teacher 

Gr.2 Al Quran & Islamic Studies

  • Been with the ICC school since 2021
  • A middle school teacher for 2 years in Algeria
  • Bachelor Degree in Interpreting and Translation with high level linguistic training in Arabic, French and English. 
  • Child Care Resources Center Certifications
  • Over 10 years teaching experience

Ms. Zohra Mefti is a dedicated educator at ICC school with a rich background in teaching and linguistic expertise. Having served as a middle school teacher in Algeria for 2 years, she has been imparting knowledge at ICC for the last 3 years. Her tenure at ICC has allowed her to deeply understand the school, its community, and establish strong bonds with parents and students alike. Ms. Zohra holds a Bachelor's Degree in Interpreting and Translation, underscoring her advanced linguistic skills in Arabic, French, and English. Additionally, she's certified by the Child Care Resources Center and currently takes on the roles of a Gr.1 Homeroom teacher and Gr.2 Al Quran & Islamic Studies instructor. Zohra's passion for education, combined with her commitment to the ICC community, makes her an invaluable asset to our school.

Vanessa Ataya

Admin Director

  • Over 16 Years Experience as an Educator from preschool to Grade 8
  • Certified Covid Compliance Director
  • Certificate in Child Development

Vanessa Ataya is a seasoned educator with over 16 years of experience, having taught students from preschool to Grade 8. She has served as the Administrative Director at ICC Community School since 2012, where she has played a pivotal role in the school's operations. Vanessa is a Certified Covid Compliance Director and holds a Certificate in Child Development, showcasing her commitment to creating a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Originally from the farmlands of Indiana, Vanessa moved to California in 1982 and embraced Islam in 1998. She began her journey as an educator in Islamic Schools in 1999 and joined ICCS in 2012. Vanessa takes immense pride in watching her students grow both physically and mentally, and she cherishes the opportunity to contribute to their development. Her dedication to the students' well-being and growth is evident in her long-standing commitment to ICCS.

Iffat Majed

Grade 2 to 8

Social Studies 

  • Master's Degree in Education, University of Redlands
  • Over 20 years as an educator

Iffat Rashid is the social studies teacher at ICCS school. She is enthusiastic about collaborating with both students and staff this academic year. With over 20 years of experience in the Inland Empire area, Iffat has extensively worked with youth and their families in roles that include teaching, mentoring, and advocating. She acquired her Master's degree in Education from the University of Redlands in 2012, aiming to provide both academic and counseling services to students. Drawing from her background as a family counselor and teacher, Iffat is committed to teaching, supporting, and motivating all students to achieve academic excellence. Her teaching approach emphasizes helping students understand current events and the larger world. Honored to be a part of the ICCS team, Iffat is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that is rooted in Islam and to nurturing students to emerge as competent future Muslim leaders. 

Balkees Abdul

Grade 2 to 8

Math Teacher

  • Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education with Math minor
  • Over 13 years teaching experience

Ms. Balkess graduated from Queens College, NY, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education with a minor in Mathematics. She served as an instructor at CUNY (City University of New York) and simultaneously taught in public schools in New York. Alhamdulillah, with experience educating a diverse range of age groups, she relocated to California. Now, she is honored to teach Mathematics at ICC School. She firmly believes that practice makes perfect and consistently encourages her students to hone their skills. Inshallah, Ms. Balkess is committed to providing every student with the necessary tools to excel in mathematics and in life.

Haneen Abuali

Science Teacher

  • Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, University of Jordan
  • 5 years teaching experience

Ms. Haneen Abuali is honored to serve as the Science Teacher at ICCS. With over five years of experience in the educational field, she has previously worked as both a Math and Science Teacher. Mrs. Abuali holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Jordan and is currently pursuing a Master's in Teaching from Alverno University. She is proud to serve the Muslim community in Claremont and is delighted to be part of such a wonderful community. In her free time, Mrs. Abuali enjoys spending quality time with her family, walking, and traveling. 

Muddasar Niazi

Grade 2 to 8

Islamic Studies and Hifdh program teacher

  • Alimiyyah Degree, Darse Nizami 
  • Delivering Khutbahs since 2006
  • Led Taraweeh since 2007

Muddasar Niazi is a dedicated Islamic Studies teacher and the lead of the Quran Hifdh program at our school. Born and raised in Southern California, Muddasar began delivering Khutbahs in 2006 and completed the memorization of the Quran in 2007. He has been leading Taraweeh prayers for over 15 years since 2007. In 2019, he completed the Alim Course (Alimiyyah Degree, Darse Nizami). Muddasar has been a Hifzul Quran teacher since 2022 at the Institute of Knowledge (IOK). In addition to his religious education, he holds a Medical Assistant certification from 2008 and a Project Manager (CAPM) certification from 2023. Muddasar is excited to lead the Hifdh program, an after-school program running from 3:30-5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, where students will have the opportunity to memorize and understand the Quran under his expert guidance. 

Doaa Adel

Grade 2 to 8


  • Bachelor's degree in commerce 
  • Quran teacher for over 15 years

It's gives me great pleasure to teach Quran and Islamic Studies at ICCS. I've taught Quran for 15 years and learning it every day. I have Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. My first Ijaza was in the Noorania; then i got my 6 Ijazzats of Quran with different recitations. I have a certificate of the tajweed rules. Hopefully, I can achieve my goals to make muslim generation who can understand and read the Quran the right way like it was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (SAS).

Assma Amayreh

Grade 2 to 4

English Teacher

Assma Amayreh is a dynamic educator with a Bachelor's degree in Child Development from CSULA along with being a certified medical interpreter. Passionate about teaching, Assma infuses creativity into her classes, cultivating a love for learning in her students. Assma's lasting impact is seen in students who embrace curiosity and empathy under her guidance. She has an extensive background in tutoring Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies, and has adeptly taught various subjects including English, math, and history to a wide range of ages from kindergarten through 8th grade. Outside of teaching, Assma has volunteered for youth and relief organizations, embodying her commitment to community and growth. A loving wife and mother, she balances her role nurturing her 13-year-old twin sons and a 4-year-old daughter along with enjoying her hobbies that include tennis, jogging, and exploring innovative teaching methods. 

Rossana Mian


English Teacher

Rosanna is a seasoned educator with an impressive 30-year tenure in teaching. Specializing as an English teacher for grades 5-8, she has enriched the lives of countless students in various Islamic schools. A testament to her exceptional teaching methods and lasting impact, some of her former students have now become fellow educators at Islamic schools. Her vast experience and dedication to education make Rosanna an esteemed member of our teaching community.

Iman Chakoukani

Grade 1-8

Arabic teacher

  • Arabic teacher
  • Over 15 years teaching experience

Iman Chakoukani is an experienced teacher with a focus on Arabic language instruction and a background in Math. 

Since 2007, Iman has taught Arabic at AlHuda Saturday School in Corona, CA, covering levels from 1st through 5th grade. She has achieved notable success with a group of 12 students, 9 of whom can now read and write Arabic fluently. In addition to her work at AlHuda, Iman has provided private one-on-one Arabic tutoring since 2014.

Iman's teaching experience also extends to a substitute teaching role at the Islamic Center of Claremont Community School, where she taught various subjects, including Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran, and Math, across different grade levels.

A mother of four successful children, Iman is dedicated to teaching Arabic to young learners, recognizing its importance in the Muslim community. Her background in Arabic, combined with her teaching experience, positions her as a valuable educator.

Mostafa Shamimi

Physical Education

  • Over 15 years of experience

Mostafa Shamimi brings over 15 years of dedicated experience to our community, having earned his Bachelor's degree from the California State Polytechnic University of Pomona. As our cherished Physical Education teacher, Mostafa is not just known by many, but he is genuinely loved and respected by students, parents, and colleagues alike. His longstanding commitment to both the community and the school underscores his passion for nurturing active and healthy lifestyles in our students.

Amira Labbesh

Debate Coach

Ms. Amira is currently a student at Cal Poly Pomona, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of science in  Biochemistry. She possesses 3 years of active debating experience and obtains 1 year of debate coaching. Ms. Amira also holds the title of a certified debate judge of the Orange County Debate League, which is a state wide league that ICC students partake in. Growing up Ms. Amira spent her elementary and middle school years at ICC and is a thrilled alumna to return and educate her students from her experiences. Her priorities as a teacher are to encourage her students to be outspoken and present themselves with great confidence. Her goal is to see her students thriving and having immaculate speech and debate skills as well as great self confidence. All in all, Ms. Amira is excited to start the school year and is enthused about examining her students at state wide competitions in hope of bringing home trophies in the name of ICC.

Hafsa Shafique

Debate Coach

Ms. Hafsah Shafique is currently pursuing her studies at Cal Poly Pomona, working towards earning her Bachelor's degree. Like her coaching partner, Ms. Amira, Hafsah boasts a rich history in debating, having actively participated in it for several years. With a unique blend of firsthand debating experience and coaching skills, she is committed to nurturing the next generation of articulate and confident speakers. Hafsah, an alumna of ICC, cherishes her time as a student and is now eager to give back by guiding current students based on her own learnings.