The primary aim of the Islamic Center of Claremont Community School is the cultivation of a student body comprised of well-balanced individuals who consistently demonstrate the qualities of both competent scholarship and productive citizenship.

As an academic institution, we are above all committed to the scholastic development of each student. Our ultimate vision is to provide society with strong, knowledgeable Muslim leaders who have the capacity to make positive contributions to their generation and beyond.


The Islamic Center of Claremont Community School is committed to providing students with the means for intellectual development through a rich academic program that is rooted in the classic tenets of American and Islamic scholarship.

As an institution, we seek to provide the highest quality of education with an emphasis on the development of strong moral character under the auspices of an Islamic environment. The teaching methodology and focus of instruction serve to address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of all our students. We aspire to enable our students to make positive contributions to their own communities, and to the world around them.

It is our aspiration to expand each student’s understanding of the traditions of the Prophet which are preserved in the Arabic linguistic forms. Finally, the penultimate task undertaken by ICC Community School is to provide students with a strong Arabic Language program, whose goal it is to effectively broaden every student’s understanding and acumen in the Qur’anic Studies.