Arabic Study

Goals of teaching the Arabic language

At ICC Community School we begin teaching the Arabic language from preschool. Usually when children begin preschool they have not been exposed to reading and writing the Arabic language before. Keeping that in mind, teaching at this stage will expose the student to what they need in their daily routine.

· Recognizing numbers, letters, colors, fruits and the five senses by using flash cards with pictures on them as well as model displays  
· Recognition of birds and animals such as shapes/colors/sizes/sounds by using colored pictures and videos
· Building conversational skills by storytelling and asking students to talk about it and using colorful pictures
· Building vocabulary progressively by using educational games and listening to educational Islamic songs
· Mastering the alphabets and recognizing and pronouncing names and sounds

Oheb Al-arabeya

Culture Division – even though the Arabic language is spoken by different countries, regardless of the students coming from different backgrounds it still creates interest for the students by discussing hobbies, cohesive. In this division they will learn mannerism and relationships with their surroundings.

· Published by a group of professional teachers targeting non Arabic speakers
· This series specializes in enabling students proficiency in written and oral communication
· To accomplish that we are using that proper curriculum from the start and it gives the student  the ability to implement it in their daily lives

In the Arabic language program, we teach Arabic with the goals of the developing reading, writing and speaking ability of the students. We teach vocabulary that is useful and meaningful to them using the themes and values of the month. With these skills the students will have the tools needed to read the Quran with understanding and to know Arabic as a second language.

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