Islamic Studies

By developing themes and values of the month, we believe it is essential that the religious subjects integrate these ideas into the classes as part of a common framework. We believe this leads to enhanced learning among the students. We also believe in tailoring the curriculum to the developmental needs of each grade.

In the Islamic Studies program, we teach beliefs and values (aqida) in addition to the basic rituals (ibadat). Students are presented with Islamic information in the form of a story, a role model, or an interesting activity as a way to cultivate a deeper relationship with Islam. It is our belief that providing students with examples of the integration of Islamic Principles in everyday life will help with the development of an intimate relationship with Islam. To motivate this effort, ICCCS incorporates the I Love Islam Series, published by Islamic Services Foundation (ISF), in our Islamic Studies curriculum. Quranic Verses are used in association with each story or lesson to ensure that students are able to develop a deeper understanding of each Sur’ah.  

In teaching Quran, we believe that children must have an understanding of the meaning of the verses they memorize and recite. According to this belief, we use the whole of the Quran to find verses which have particular importance to our themes and values of each month.

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