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Islamic Studies

We take the Qur’an to be the pillar of support in our students’ education and daily lives. It is our goal to provide our students with the ability to properly recite and memorize Qur’an according to the rules of Tajweed. Our teachings are based on the recitations of Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary.

Arabic educaton enables a greater understanding of the Qur’an. Students are provided with a comprehensive Arabic curriculum to facilitate their understanding of Qur’an and its intricacies. Teachers engage the students in an effort to teach students based on their strength in the Arabic Language. A mix of hands-on learning and engaging lectures are used to provide our students with the best-possible Arabic Education.

It is our belief that providing students with examples of the integration of Islamic Principles in everyday life will help with the development of an intimate relationship with Islam. To motivate this effort, ICCCS incorporates the I Love Islam Series, published by Islamic Services Foundation (ISF), in our Islamic Studies curriculum.


Catch up with all the recent activities, projects, programs going on in ICCCS. Science classes are centered around the creative process.  Art lessons encourage children to explore their imaginations within an Islamic framework.  A high emphasis is placed on student reading in the Language Arts program.  The Arabic language curriculum is unique in that all of its teachers are native Arabic speakers who have degrees in the Arabic language or related fields.  In the Qur’an and Islamic Studies classes, special care is taken to ensure that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of the Islamic faith and the Islamic way of life

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