Learning Expectations

1.    To respect the dignity of life as a gift from God.
2.    To actively participate in the Islamic faith.
3.    To apply Quranic lessons, morals and values to everyday life.
4.    To provide services to others.

1.    To read comprehensively, analyze critically.
2.    To communicate effectively, verbally and non-verbally.
3.    To apply academic skills to real life experiences.
4.    To prioritize, organize and manage time constructively.
5.    To use computer technology effectively.
6.    To participate and exhibit confidence in the performing arts.

1.    To work collaboratively.
2.    To respect all sexes, cultures, religions and individuals with special needs.
3.    To exhibit confidence, pride and love for self and others.
4.    To be responsible for one’s actions.
5.    To speak and act in a courteous manner.

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