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Best Accredited Islamic School in the I.E. and LA County

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Welcome to ICC Community School

Academic excellence in both Islamic and Academic education. WASC Accredited.

Our curriculum is based on the State Common Core Standards.

Be a part of our award-winning student body.

Believe in the best, ICCC has great support staff and outstanding faculty members.

About I.C.C.C School

I.C.C. Community School is an accredited school by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Since its inception in 1993, I.C.C.C.S. has continued to fulfill its mission of providing students with a top quality education in an Islamic atmosphere.

Over a decade later, I.C.C. Community School is a K-6 grade school. Each and every student is taught according to the California State Standards in addition to daily instructions in Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Our Programs

At ICCC our goal is to provide a complete Islamic education curriculum. Hence we created several programs for the students. Over thousands of satisfied parents and students, said ICCC’s various programs help them achieve their goals.

Quran Recitationreading-the-Quran

We take the Qur’an to be the pillar of support in our students’ education and daily lives. It is our goal to provide our students with the ability to properly recite and memorize Qur’an according to the rules of Tajweed. Our teachings are based on the recitations of Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary.

Arabic Studystudy-quran

Arabic educaton enables a greater understanding of the Qur’an. Students are provided with a comprehensive Arabic curriculum to facilitate their understanding of Qur’an and its intricacies. Teachers engage the students in an effort to teach students based on their strength in the Arabic Language. A mix of hands-on learning and engaging lectures are used to provide our students with the best-possible Arabic Education.

After School Programafter-school
It is our belief that providing students with examples of the integration of Islamic Principles in everyday life will help with the development of an intimate relationship with Islam. To motivate this effort, ICCCS incorporates the I Love Islam Series, published by Islamic Services Foundation (ISF), in our Islamic Studies curriculum.

School Calendar

Download the school calendar here.

ICCC School's best features

ICC Community School have some outstanding features that have satisfied thousands of Parents and Students. These features in a Islamic school set ICCC apart from other islamic Academy in the greater Los Angeles area.

ICCC has a outstanding Faculty and Supportive Staff.

ICCC has a Huge Library selection of Thousands books.


We have nutritious and healthy Food Menu for the Students.

ICCC has a complete Computer & iPad lab for the Students


ICCC SChool Offers

The spirit of discovery and exploration has always been part of the Islamic legacy; the curriculum of I.C.C. Community School is based on this precept. It combines the high standards of the California Standards curriculum with Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies. Using proven instructional methods and the latest educational technologies, such as computers and multimedia, teachers provide students with an enriched academic experience.

  • An educational institution that focuses on academics, character building, and values-based education.
  • Rigorous K-6 curriculum
  • Structured Islamic and Quranic programs
  • Strong foreign language component aiming toward fully bilingual students
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Strong emphasis on instructing students based on their individual abilities
  • A dedicated mentoring program targeting students who need assistance maintaining our high academic standards
  • Devoted and highly experienced Staff members
  • Personable staff and an educational environment that is Drug- Free, Alcohol-Free, Sex-Free, and Smoke-Free!
  • Strong Emphasis on Islamic Character Building and initiating Critical Thinkers
  • Differentiated based Learning
  • Technology fully incorporated in all grades
  • Smart boards (interactive white boards) in classrooms


When i was introduced to ICCC SChool by one of our community friend, I was very impressed to know that They Run everything by the Islamic Education system. After i enrolled my first Son to ICCC , i was more impressed by the programs offered by the School. All the staff and faculty are very helpful and knowledgeable. Our son love attending the after school program. And i am glad that i can raise my son in a Islamic Education center. I would Definitely recommend ICCC to any Muslim Brothers.
Sarfaraz Al Sadoon
ICCC provided me with priceless knowledge, and through various opportunities at my school, I am now able to articulate and answer questions about Islam with ease and fluidity. With the education I received in my six years at ICCC, I was able to create a positive image of Islam at my school. In addition, the saying that actions speak louder than words could not be truer. The easiest and most effective way I have shown people at my school what Islam is all about is through my actions. People admire and praise my hard work, personality, and demeanor. And it was ICCC, and good parenting, that helped me build the courage and intellect to stick to my beliefs.
Zillur RahmanClass of 1999
In retrospect, I can confidently say that bringing me to ICC Community School was, without a doubt, one the best decision my parents have ever made. I graduated from ICCC 2007. Currently, I am in the process of obtaining a bachelors degree from UCLA. I must say, ICCC, with its rigorous curriculum, truly prepared me for the caliber of my current educational endeavors. City of Knowledge isn’t just some school I attended back in the day, it’s who I am. The friends I made have become family, and the lessons I learned (i.e. religious, social) are ones which I implement in my life today. I’ve got a lot of love for this school.”
Fuad HasanClass of 2002
I had the opportunity to visit few School in the area before i Enroll my Daughter. And ICCC was on our TOP of the list. My Wife and I, Both was very happy about ICCC Academic curriculum. We were glad that our Daughter can take Quran Recitation program at ICCC. They Office staff were very professional and courteous. They made the admission process very easy. We are very proud to send our daughter in ICCC School.
Ibrahim Masood
My two Nieces are enrolled in ICCC School. I have the opportunity to go to ICC School last few years numerous times, because of Nieces. They have very easy and organized parking situation. Surprisingly, My nieces are always happy to go school. i can tell they enjoy being at the School. From ICCC they take the students lots of fun and educated field trips. Learning Quran in ICCC is another great plus point. I would recommend ICCC to any one i know.
Al Masuk
I can't rave more about ICCC. Beside their awesome Islamic Education system, I am solely fan of their office staff and support team. I love that They have a healthy and tasty meals for the students. One time, My daughter got sick in the school and The office staff couldn't reach me or my Husband but They were very caring and attentive to my kid. I felt like my daughter is in a good hand in our absence. I recommend every one to Enroll their kids in ICCC SChool.
Noorie Sattar

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We designed a strong curriculum , Various programs – to show you, how properly ICC Community School provide Islamic education to students.
From Basic education, Extensive Islamic knowledge in Quran or Prayers rules , Our staff teach them all. Our complete Education system is recognized by all the parents and students.

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